Code of conduct


This Code of Conduct applies to, and is binding on, all Clear Horizon Academy students participating in a Clear Horizon Academy course.  This Code of Conduct may be updated by Clear Horizon Academy from time to time.  Students must ensure they are familiar with and understand this Code of Conduct including any updates that may be made from time to time. 


This Code of Conduct sets out the compulsory standards of behaviour and general conduct applicable to all students during their enrolment and participation in a Clear Horizon Academy course. 

Student responsibilities

Students must at all times during their enrolment and dealings with Clear Horizon Academy personnel and with other Clear Horizon Academy students:

  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Comply with all other relevant Clear Horizon Academy policies and procedures.
  • Behave in a manner that supports learning and teaching.
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others including Clear Horizon Academy staff and other students. 
  • Communicate with courtesy, respect and consideration.
  • Respect others’ rights to their own opinions and beliefs. 
  • Respect the privacy and property of others.

Without limiting the above, students must not:

  • Engage in any behaviour that is or is likely to be discriminatory, harassing, threatening, offensive, victimising, bullying, abusive or violent (whether physically or psychologically). 
  • Engage in behaviour that is disruptive or hinders others.  
  • Engage or collude in fraudulent, cheating or other dishonest behaviour, including sharing answers to assessment with other students. 
  • Engage in unlawful behaviour.
  • Endanger the health or safety of others.
  • Disclose information that is confidential to others without the prior written consent of the party to whom the confidential information belongs.
  • Encourage, persuade or incite others to engage in any of the above prohibited conduct or behaviour. 

Intellectual Property

Students must not infringe the intellectual property rights (including copyright) of third parties.  

Students must ensure that when using, sharing or uploading any material during their enrolment with Clear Horizon Academy, they do not use any of Clear Horizon Academy’s equipment, facilities, digital platforms or services for purposes that infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights. 

If Clear Horizon Academy learns or suspects a student’s material infringes the intellectual property rights of another person, Clear Horizon Academy may immediately remove the offending material. 

Take Down Notices

Clear Horizon Academy is a service provider who acts as an intermediary for the purposes of the safe harbour provisions in respect of copyright infringement under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (Copyright Act).  To ensure that Clear Horizon Academy receives the benefit of the safe harbour provisions under the Copyright Act, Clear Horizon Academy has specific processes for dealing with notices of claimed copyright infringement.

Issuing a Take Down Notice

If you believe copyright has been infringed, you may issue a notice of claimed copyright infringement (Take Down Notice) to us by emailing a copy of the Take Down Notice to The Take Down Notice should contain:

  • your full name and contact details (including telephone number and email address);
  • a link to the relevant Clear Horizon Academy webpage address or platform address;
  • a description of the claimed infringement; 
  • details of the copyright owner and (where applicable) your capacity to act on their behalf; 
  • any other supporting information or documents;
  • a declaration that you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the information and statements in the notice are accurate; and
  • your signature. 

Please note it may be an offence to issue a Take Down Notice where no copyright infringement has occurred.  If you are unsure whether or not copyright infringement has occurred, you should seek independent legal advice before issuing a Take Down Notice. 

Responding to a Take Down Notice

Upon receipt of a valid Take Down Notice, Clear Horizon Academy will act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the claimed infringing material.  Clear Horizon Academy will also notify the person who uploaded the claimed infringing material that the material has been removed and provide them with a copy of the Take Down Notice.  That person may, within 3 months of notification, give a counter-notice disputing the claims in the Take Down Notice (Counter-Notice). 

Disputing a Take Down Notice

If you receive a copy of a Take Down Notice in respect of material you have uploaded on the Clear Horizon Academy platform or website, you may give us a Counter-Notice disputing the claims set out in the Take Down Notice within 3 months of being given a copy of the Take Down Notice.  You can email the Counter-Notice to us at The Counter-Notice should contain:

  • your full name and contact details (including telephone number and email address);
  • details of the claimed copyright material the subject of the Take Down Notice;
  • details as to why you believe the Take Down Notice is a mistake;
  • any other supporting information or documents;
  • a declaration that you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the information and statements in the notice are accurate; and
  • your signature. 

Upon receipt of a valid Counter-Notice, Clear Horizon Academy will provide a copy of the Counter-Notice to the original sender of the Take Down Notice.  The owner, licensee or agent of the copyright material will have 10 business days to bring an action in court in respect of the claimed infringement. 

If no action is brought within 10 business days, or the action for infringement is discontinued or unsuccessful, Clear Horizon Academy will restore or enable access to the copyright material. 

Breaches of this Code of Conduct

Where a student is aware of or suspects a breach of this Code of Conduct, they must immediately report the breach to Clear Horizon Academy at 

Consequences of breaching this Code of Conduct

A breach of this Code of Conduct amounts to misconduct and, at the discretion of Clear Horizon Academy, may result in disciplinary action being taken in accordance with Clear Horizon Academy’s Student Terms and Conditions. 


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  • Email us
  • 132B Gwynne Street, Cremorne, 3121, VIC

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Inventor of practical methodologies and highly demanded facilitator, Jess navigates complexity with comfort and helps her clients to become clear about their desired outcomes and how to get there.

Recipient of the 2018 AES Award for outstanding contribution to evaluation, Jess has over 25 years experience in evaluating and designing social change initiatives and strategies in Australia and overseas.

In October 2005, Jess founded Clear Horizon Consulting and is now CEO. She is also a board member of the Australasian Evaluation society.

Jess is passionate about developing and designing real world evaluation and strategy for social justice and sustainability. She particularly works with systems change interventions, large scale strategy and social innovation. After completing her PhD she co-authored the Most Significant Change (MSC) guide alongside Dr Rick Davies, which is now translated into 12 different languages.

MSC is well suited to evaluation in the complex emergent context. The latest innovation by Jess, Collaborative Outcomes Reporting (COR), is a collaborative form of impact evaluation.

Jess is also an active mum and has two teenage boys. In a quiet moment, she loves reading far-future science fiction and enjoys long distance running.

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